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Make a Donation

Reaching Beyond Globally knows that children should be allowed to dream. We are aiming to help make those dreams a reality. 

Join us in making a difference

Choose to sponsor a child for one to six years in full right now, or contribute a monthly donation to help a child attend Secondary School.

$1,000 USD a year, covers the school fees for one child for one year. 

Help pay for the extra things

In addition to school and boarding fees, students need help with a list of standard "requirements," contributions to the dining hall and uniforms in order to attend Secondary School. 

$1-150 USD helps a child pay for school requirements for a year. 

Donate Now

Simply click the button below to be directed to our donations page and enter the amount you wish to donate, or click any of the buttons below in your desired donation amount and be directed to donate that specific amount. Once on the donation page you can make the choice for this to be a one time donation, or a monthly donation.

Reaching Beyond Globally thanks you for making a difference with us.
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