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What We Do

Reaching Beyond Globally aims to enrich the lives of the children of Kiryabicooli, Uganda through several programs. Our enrichment goals include academia, art, and cultural exchanges. 

What is Reaching Beyond Globally focused on?

Reaching Beyond Globally's first priority is to support Deirdre Ann Academy's graduates attend four years of Secondary School, plus two years of post Secondary School education by providing financial support for school fees and other requirements. Without this support, these children would be unable to continue their education.

Reaching Beyond Globally believes that all children should be given the opportunity to further their education. Unfortunately, this is not possible for many of the children in the Buseesa village. In Reaching Beyond Globally's first year, ten of the twelve students from the first graduating class at Deirdre Ann Academy were sponsored and began their secondary school education. 

Reaching Beyond Globally is invested in the community surrounding the students they support, and has a goal to bring arts and athletic enrichment to the village as we continue to aid the students in pursuing their academic goals. Reaching Beyond Globally has been fortunate to be able to provide additional benefits to their students as well as funding their secondary school education. Enrichment programs have included introduction to the art of ballet, learning about business by supporting a Piggery Project, speaking with high school and University students through Zoom, sports uniforms and supplies, pen pal program, plus sharing books.

Above and beyond secondary school education, Reaching Beyond Globally strives to continue bringing various enrichment opportunities to the village of Kiryabicooli, Uganda. 

Secondary School Initiative

The cost for a student to complete four years of secondary school is approximately $4,000 USD. It is about $1,000 USD per year for a student to attend school. Most families that live in the village Reaching Beyond Globally works with make on average $600 USD a year. Sending a child to secondary school is often out of reach for many families in the village, making investing in their child's education impossible. 


Reaching Beyond Globally listened as the students and families expressed their desires to continue their education, and saw the financial burden it would have put on their families. Reaching Beyond Globally has been able to send students to three of the top secondary schools in the district their students live in. The administration and students are beyond grateful for the help and support of Reaching Beyond Globally and you. Each year Reaching Beyond Globally aims to help any student whose family cannot meet the financial needs to attend secondary school.

Currently Reaching Beyond Globally is committed to sponsoring their "First Fifteen" students through six years of secondary and post secondary school. The students attend three different boarding schools during the academic year, and return home to help the families during harvest periods. 

Other Enrichment Initiatives

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